Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wearing Orange

 {Vintage skirt, Target shirt, Aldo pumps, necklace and sunglasses—unknown, Michael Kors watch}

I think it's safe to say that I am the only Tennessee resident who is not a sports fan. As a result, I have never been one to wear orange. Perhaps it's been out of fear that I'd end up looking like this. With the onset of warmer weather, however, I've recently found myself drawn to the color (I've got my eye on these pillows for my all-white bedroom). As someone who hoards collects vintage clothing, the ladylike shape of this skirt keeps me feeling like myself while trying something new.


  1. Oh I love the soft orange you have paired with the denim. Stopping by after finding your blog on Hello Cotton.

  2. I love how you paired the orange with the denim! I've never really liked orange either, or peach/coral, but I've been going peach/coral crazy lately haha!

  3. I'm wearing coral with denim for Easter! Love this look. AND I love those pillows on Etsy! They say that you often decorate your home with colors that you don't wear as often, but I think you pull off the orange beautifully. :)

  4. Love the wind shot of you putting up your hair. gorgeous love.

  5. the light in these photos is gorgeous! i like your chunky pumps and that funky orange skirt. got a nice vintage feel.
    i discovered you on chictopia today and just wanted to say hi! :)

    it would make me happy if you visited too!
    pandaphilia style

  6. Beautiful! I think orange is such a gorgeous color on you. These photos make me want to visit sunny Tennessee!! :)


  7. Love the color and shape of that skirt. And of course it's vintage...the best things usually are!