Monday, December 5, 2011

Double Duty

 {David's Bridal dress, vintage sweater, Zara pumps, Gap clutch, Forever21 bracelet, earrings—purchased from a street artist in NYC}

I've been in a lot of weddings. I'm talkin' like ten or more so you can only imagine the number of bridesmaid dresses I have amassed over the years. Recently, I got to looking at all of them—lonely and unworn in the back of my closet—and thought about how each dress had been chosen by the bride in hopes that I'd one day be able to wear it again.

So, I thought I would.

My tips for getting some use out of a bridesmaid dress once the big day has passed:

• Experiment with different dyes (you can find some good ideas here), and when in doubt, remember— black is always a good option.

• Have your dress shortened to a more desirable length. I've found that most bridesmaid dresses are a bit longer that what I find myself wanting to wear on a day-to-day basis.

•  Hack the top off your dress and alter it into a skirt. Some of my most commonly worn skirts were once dresses.

•  Don't want to commit to anything? Throw a sweater or jacket over a strapless dress like I did here.


  1. love how your reusing your bridesmaids dresses! i remember how you posted it on instagram. would've never thought this was a bridesmaid dress until you mentioned it.

    you always look so gorg! xx

  2. I definitely would not have thought of this! I have several bridesmaids dresses that are full-length, so maybe I should get them chopped and wear them all as mini dresses. :)


  3. The dress worn as a skirt did look amazing. The balloon detail added a nice touch to your look.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  4. OH! What a great idea Laurren! I'll have to remember this.

  5. this outfit is so very carrie bradshaw! love it! and so glad to have found another TN blogger :-)

  6. This outfit and these photos are absolutely stunning! I can't believe that is a bridesmaids dress, you have changed it up perfectly! xoxo